Thursday, August 29, 2013

Being An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur in network marketing or direct sales is not a easy as it seems. Actually its pretty rough but you stick with it long enough, it is definitely worth it. What s the Deal with Being an Entrepreneur? Once you have chosen this route of being an entrepreneur, you are subjective to other s peoples world and you will get scrapped, punched, kicked, knocked down because this isn t the way to natural way to go. Entrepreneurs want this challenge regardless because they are used to being challenged regularly and the ones who will succeed are very persistence. How to become an entrepreneur I knew I was an entrepreneur because when I was working for a corporate company and they would tell me what to do, ask for more production, knowing that there was gonna be a ceiling that I would hit later, this wasn t an option for me. Now if you are a person who loves their job and love what you do, that s great. Keep doing what you are doing. But if you wanna be an entrepreneur, you have

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