Monday, August 26, 2013

MLM Recruiting Techniques: How Are You Pitching Your Business?

When you are out there prospecting, which you should be, there are some mlm recruiting techniques that you should use. There is an approach you should take when talking to people and this video blog should help you with that approach. Most MLM Recruiting Techniques Done Wrong Most people are excited about their business and what they are about to create. But they don t realize is that there are creating something that doesn t work. So here is the deal, some network marketing companies are telling you to go out and use social media to recruit people, the problem is that they are not teaching you how to do this. So what happens, newbies go to there friends, groups, personal page, etc. and start doing these mlm recruiting techniques. Spam these sites hoping and wishing someone will click the link and join them. I can tell you this doesn t work 99.999999% of the time. What MLM Recruiting Techniques Should You Use? In the video I share with you a way that I was approached and how that way

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