Monday, August 26, 2013

Marketing Tips 101: What To Talk About Online

A common mistake that is made when starting your business online is what to talk about online. In this post I m gonna share with you some tips that you may find beneficial. Common Mistakes on What To Talk About Online I was talking with a woman who wanted to create a blog and she was sharing with me all these different things she wanted to write about. She had all this information in her mind but wasn t sure how she wanted to start. Lets breakdown some of these common mistakes on what to talk about online. 1. Most people don t know exactly who they are talking to. They figure if they write about something online everyone will see it and the usually get no one. 2. Most people wait for their blog/website to be perfect before starting. They don t start writing because their banner isn t up or their blog is not set up properly to write. 3. Most people buy training and don t apply it. Once a product is purchased on blogging, building your business, SEO, video, etc., people think that it is

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