Sunday, October 13, 2013

MLM Tips: How To Stay Positive, When your Surroundings Aren’t

You are getting motivated everyday, you are taking steps into a positive direction but you have your friends questions your growth. In the video post I share with you how to stay positive even when your friends aren t. Staying Positive in Your Life In the book I ve been reading called, The Great Little Book of Afformations by Noah St.John, he mentioned a few things that I thought were very empowering. He said, in verbatim: Empowering questions cause your mind to focus on the positive. The only answers to empowering questions are answers or experiences that produce feelings of self-esteemand a positive self-image! Empowering questions lead to answers that tell the Truth about Who You Really Are. The purpose of The Afformations Method is to change your disempowering questions to empowering questions.This will give you conscious control of the thought-seeds you’re planting, which will, through The Law of Attraction, change your life. That is powerful, right? Stay positive even wh

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