Monday, October 14, 2013

Why All The Laziness With MLM Recruiting?

There is a lot of laziness going on in this industry and it is funny because most people see it as work. This is a common problem with mlm recruiting that needs to be address. In this video post I share a common problem that gives our industry a bad name. What is up with the lazy MLM Recruiting? One big reason why all this laziness goes on is because of lack of proper training. If you were to prepare to dance of stage, or act in a play would you just show up on the date of the event and start performing, probably not. So why is that when most network marketers join their company, they go straight to a social media sight, blast their opportunity not only on their page but people they do not know. Exactly because they have not been trained correctly on how to use these sites. Is this hurting the company or YOU? Well a network marketing company is gonna thrive so in essence it is hurt you. It is hurting you because you are spamming people that do know you and when you do that they look a

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