Friday, October 18, 2013

What to Do at Networking Events While MLM Prospecting?

I was taught a long time ago, that you you are going to be in the home business or network marketing arena that you have to get to as many networking events as possible. What I also learn is what to do as these events when your are mlm prospecting, and that is what I m gonna share with you today. What to do at these networking events? Before I tell you what to do, I m gonna share with you not to do. You do NOT wanna go to these events like a commercial with your mlm marketing material and shove your business opportunity or product down there throat. You are not only turning people off, you are embarrassing yourself, so please stop. What you wanna do is go there with empty pockets and get as many business cards and information as possible. When you are mlm prospecting ask them about their business and what they do. When they ask you, answer the question with a brief answer and let them talk about themselves. After MLM Prospecting what next . So now that you have got there information w

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