Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What To Do When Your MLM Upline Sucks

What To Do When Your MLM Upline Doesn’t Work

What happens when you and your MLM upline just don’t mix well together? This happens a lot of times in many networking organizations that sometimes people tend to quit rather than continue with their network because they would rather see their MLM upline to go without compensation than having to do all the hard work for them. 

The MLM upline is supposed to be the one to guide, train, and help those below them, but there are times when they’re just not up to the task. Some uplines are even putting a lot of pressure to their downline so they can have higher compensation as their pay is dependent on the income generated by their downline. This is just one of the reasons why many downlines leave their MLM upline because their methods are different from one another. 

Tips on How to Deal with Sucky MLM Upline

Having to deal with a sucky MLM upline can be upsetting especially when you’re not seeing eye to eye but before you consider quitting on your upline here are a few things you should think about. 

Don’t Quit. Many networkers tend to quit because they don’t like the way their MLM upline tells them what to do since the downline will be the ones who will be giving their upline additional compensation for every deal that they close. This is a terrible mindset in the case of networkers as this kind of mindset only leaves them broke in their desire to keep their upline from getting any income. What’s best is to find ways to surpass their upline to gain MLM success so they will get a larger organization, more support and help from other networkers and such. 

Focus on What You Want. Instead of getting stressed out on the fact that you and your MLM upline don’t really work well together, focus on your personal goals. Yes, your MLM upline is the one who is teaching you the ins and outs of the networking industry but you can still build your business without them or you can look for another MLM upline to work with and this time, someone who can give you the support that you are looking for to become an MLM success

Keep MLM Upline Away from Team. If you are hosting a speaking engagement for your business, it might be a better idea to keep your MLM upline away from your team as this can affect your relationship with one another. Maybe the views of your upline doesn’t really coincide with what you are trying to teach your team so it would be better to avoid confusion so all of you can benefit from your networking organization. 

You can still achieve MLM success even if your MLM upline is giving you a hard time. As long as you don’t quit, and you focus more on what your goals are for yourself and your family, you will be in a much better position to achieve your desired results. 

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