Wednesday, July 29, 2015

4 Tips On Social Media Recruitment

4 Tips on Social Media Recruitment

Essentially, using the social media as a recruiting and marketing platform can help you reach out to many customers and expand your business. Most customers interact with various brands through the social media. Therefore, you can capitalize on this opportunity by creating a strong network through this media platform. You can take your business to another level by implementing a perfect social media recruitment strategy that can help you reach out to these potential customers. The first step towards building a successful social media network is capturing the customers’ attention. Make the social media audience recognize what you can offer. When recruiting on social media, you can follow the four tips listed below. 

Avoid Mentioning your Company Name in your Newsfeeds

As an entrepreneur, you can enhance your social network by posting regular social updates on your social platforms to keep the audience engaged. The essence of social media recruitment is to raise and maintain the interest of the potential customers on the social media platform. In order to achieve this, you need to post newsfeeds to create awareness. However, you should avoid mentioning the name of your company on these newsfeeds.

Notably, when you reveal the name of your company, most social media users go on Google, and they do a background check of your company. In this regard, someone can drop negative comment that can affect the reputation of the company. This makes it hard for you to approach them in future because they will relate to negative comments on the website. In addition, mentioning your company in the newsfeeds give a negative impression for the customers because they perceive it as a commercial advertisement. The updates should be a platform to create relationships and get your content noticed.

Avoid Sending Unsolicited Link

Although it is very tempting to do your marketing on an individual level, avoid sending an uninvited link to an individual person. When recruiting on social media, you should build a relationship with the customers first before engaging them. It is important to work on relationship first because if you send an unwanted link, the potential customer can treat it as spam and will not bother to check it out. However, if you have a relationship, the person will be willing to open the link and find out what you have to offer. 

Change the Scenery 

Keep the audience engaged by updating the different events that your company is doing. You can turn your social page platform into a resource where potential customers learn about your company operations. By posting various scenarios, you offer the customers a chance to follow your operations and remain engaged. Your page is the effective tool; therefore keep it delightful so that the customers will enjoy the content. A strong social media recruitment foundation stems from strong customer engagement. Therefore, post every activity on your page. 

Do a Follow-up after Engaging the Customers

Once you have established your social media recruitment strategy, do a customer follow-up. In the client follow-up, ask the customers how they came to know about your company. The customer’s feedback is an effective tool that can help you evaluate your company performance. You can capitalize on the good feedback and maintain the good practices. On the other hand, you have a chance of improving on the ineffective practices. 

Ultimately, when recruiting on social media, it is important to build customer relationship first, keep them engaged and do a follow-up to improve your marketing skills.


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